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Supercharge your output by eliminating organizational bottlenecks when testing applications at scale. Bypass system queue times and gain an advantage by emulating your organization’s production system in the Archanan Development Cloud!

The development of applications for supercomputers and other large scale, high performance systems can be cumbersome. Congested test systems and codes that don’t perform at scale create organizational dependencies, and contribute to port-over failures that create costly delays. Archanan uses hardware emulation to configure the equivalent of an existing supercomputer or allows developers to specify their own cluster from a library of components, complete their code development, debug and test it at scale, and see accurate performance metrics before moving to a production system.

Download this solution brief to learn how the Archanan Development Cloud enables the administration of personal Integrated Development Environments that empower programmers to develop their code at scale in a virtualized environment, while freeing up expensive production systems for maximum utilization!

Virtually all the software development tools in high-end, complex computing are used on desktop workstations and laptops, drastically limiting the development and debugging capability of these tools – it’s analogous to trying to recreate a masterpiece on an Etch-a-Sketch. Archanan’s cloud-based development platform extends these workstations and lets developers construct their code at scale, as if they were doing it directly on these large, complex architectures, thus creating better quality software in shorter time.”

Wolfgang Gentzsch
Co-founder and CEO, The UberCloud

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