Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Upgrade the commissioning process by providing customer organizations with a cloud-based preview of systems for testing. Enable customers to experiment and accurately predict performance and workflow efficiencies before taking possession.

Test Drive Systems in the Archanan Development Cloud

The system commissioning process can be very cumbersome as it can be incredibly difficult for every side of the transaction to validate the needs of the organization vs. the computing power of the system. Negotiations are often bound by objections based on theory and constrained by guess work and speculation.

Using the Archanan Development Cloud, systems manufacturers are released from the conjecture and set free to engage in virtualized test drives and evaluate proposed systems and architectures emulated in the cloud — and using the organization’s actual production code.

Help Customers Streamline and Customize Systems Based on Demonstrated Needs  

Release your customers from the blind system commissioning processes by providing them with a test drive suite of your systems in the Archanan Development Cloud. Add value to the sales process by delivering the ability for them to experiment with their codes on your emulated, at scale systems and investigate their organizations needs, right down to the network fabric.

OEMs Using The Archanan Development Cloud:


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