HPC/Supercomputer Centers

Maximize system and organizational performance by employing a cloud-based testing environment, custom built to match the architecture of your High Performance Computing system with hardware-level virtualization. Optimize parallel (and even massively parallel) code at scale, and produce more results in less time.

Optimize Code Development Workflows and Produce Discoveries More Quickly

Production-level supercomputers are incredibly expensive, cutting-edge machines that produce value by helping researchers and scientists make new discoveries and develop new insights. Unfortunately, many of the workflows for teams developing code to be executed on supercomputers is not cutting-edge. Long lines for test systems delay progress, and port-over failures once moving to the production system create expensive delays.

Using the Archanan Development Cloud, your researchers and developers can develop code at scale! Using their standard workstations, they can tap into their own personal testing environment which emulates your organization’s production system — right down to the network fabric!

Leave port-over failures behind! Step into the new age of at scale code development, and supercharge your rate of results!

Emulate all of your organization’s production systems in the cloud

Increase your supercomputing system’s utilization and virtually eliminate port-over failures

Create personal Integrated Development Environments for each of your researchers to develop and test code at your system’s scale

Streamline your development workflows for faster production runs

Eliminate long test system queues that interrupt development

Test your codes on different emulated configurations/systems to determine the fastest run times

Virtually test new hardware using your organization’s code before committing it to your production system

Recommission your test systems to your production system

HPC/Supercomputer Centers Using Archanan Development Cloud:

National Supercomputing Centre Singapore
A*STAR - Agency for Science, Technology and Research

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