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Empower teams to develop and test code at scale before moving code to the live production system. Streamline your operation by moving the development environment to the cloud, and keep IT focused on operating the production system at peak performance.

Emulating Live Production Systems is a Game Changer for the Enterprise

“Archanan helps developers create better quality software in shorter time.” – Wolfgang Gentzsch (Founder, CEO of The UberCloud)

Computing is very expensive – it’s a very precious commodity in any organization that relies on computing production as a central part of its operation. Competition for limited organizational computing resources to run and test newly developed code compound the costs, and increase total cost of ownership (TCO), by introducing delays in code development while programmers wait in queues for production systems to free up.

“Computing is very expensive, and these costs prohibit innovation. By enabling developers to virtually construct systems and test their ideas without the impediments that physical development systems present, we aim to make developers lives easier, more creative and more productive.” -Lukasz Orlowski, CTO, Archanan

The Archanan Development Cloud for Enterprise

Using the Archanan Development Cloud, organizations liberate their development teams from being confined to test systems and queuing time delays. Organizations can be free of the cumbersome limitations of legacy physical test systems, which typically do not match the scale of the organization’s production system and result in costly port-over failures for problems that can only be detected at production scale.

Develop Code at Scale

Using the Archanan Development Cloud, developers are able to develop code at scale by managing their own personalized Integrated Development Environment (IDE), custom built to match the architecture of their organization’s production system.

Unchain Your Development Team to Create and Innovate

It’s undeniable that computing is going through a massive evolution as organizations collect increasing amounts of data using technologies such as 5G, and Internet of Things (IoT). New applications and related hardware architectures are being explored, as the emergence of data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are reshaping the way organizations interact with and process enormous amounts of data. This is uncharted territory for virtually every enterprise.

The Archanan Development Cloud frees developers and system architects to collaborate, develop, and test new systems and concepts whose power and performance could previously only be theorized and guessed at. Before committing to the towering costs of expensive systems that end up being inefficient and inadequate for project needs, organizations can build and test drive these systems and concepts before committing to them.

Commercial Enterprises Using Archanan Development Cloud:

A*STAR - Agency for Science, Technology and Research

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