About Us

Archanan is the premier provider of personal, at scale, cloud-based development environments that virtualize and emulate an organization’s production system, thus eliminating organizational bottlenecks in programming development and speeding up time to results. Using Archanan Development Cloud, programmers can develop and test their code on virtualized systems that emulate their organization’s production environment, empowering them to code at scale from any laptop or workstation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide access to the transformational benefits that high-performance computers offer to every scientist, business, and student around the world. Our tools empower organizations involved with these large-scale computing environments to experiment with designs, enact productive, “at scale” development practices, and create new, efficient workflows that leverage the cloud for development and testing.

Develop Code at Scale

Our Tools

The Archanan Development Cloud helps bridge the gaps that make development on large scale systems cumbersome and expensive. Through the power of cloud-based emulation, Archanan extends the workstation to be a powerful, at scale production system, liberating developers and organizations from traditional inefficient development practices that delay progress and impede results. Using Arcanan’s tools, organizations can enact development practices that streamline workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and speed time to results. Additionally, Archanan’s tools enable organizations to test-drive applications on large scale systems and architectures, before committing resources to these expensive systems.

Our Founders

Alex Nodeland - CEO & Co-founder of Archanan

Alex Nodeland

CEO & Co-Founder

Alex previously served as CTO and Chief Mathematician at Scala Computing, delivering solutions for automated deployment and optimization of HPC systems in the cloud. There he helped raise a seed round of funding, and bring the company to a world renowned accelerator in NYC, where Scala forged partnerships with AWS and Microsoft Azure. Through his prior experience in the space and knowledge of startups, Alex will help bring Archanan to market quickly and efficiently.

Lukasz Orlowski - CTO & Co-founder of Archanan

Lukasz Orlowski

CTO & Co-Founder

Lukasz has worked as a software engineer, computational scientist and software/solutions architect in HPC for over 7 years and has experienced, first-hand the woes of a distributed software developer. Through his experience at Intel and A*STAR, as well as consulting for IT startups, he has developed a clear vision of what is missing in the development pipeline and has a plan to implement a solution. Through Lukasz’s extensive network in the HPC space, we can ensure a smooth and fast roll-out of our solution.

Our Team

Tomek Orlowski - VP of Technology at Archanan

Tomek Orlowski

VP of Technology

Tomek is an ambitious engineer and project manager with professional experience in software and hardware, especially in cryptography and embedded systems. With a thorough knowledge of a wide spectrum of topics in computer systems engineering, he has proven self-management and team leading skills. Tomek has a passion for artificial neural networks and other kinds of sophisticated adaptive algorithms. In his free time, Tomek is a yachtmaster and enjoys snow sports.

Phuc Tran - Full-Stack Developer at Archanan

Phuc Tran

Full-Stack Developer

Phuc took his first step in technology 6 years ago and has experience in a wide range of technologies in different fields including gaming, mobile, web programming, backend services and data mining systems. With his breadth of experience, he will help bring amazing services to Archanan’s customers. After work, Phuc will definitely be with you if there’re beer, music or football in the games!

Sonny Nguyen - Front End Developer at Archanan

Sonny Nguyen

Front End Developer

Sonny has worked for 5 years in web development mostly in frontend professional. Through his experience on the field, he is helping Archanan to design and build a fantastic UI & UX. In spare time, Sonny likes to play billiards, guitar, and hang out with friends.

Board Members

John Gustafson - Lead Scientific Advisor at Archanan

John Gustafson

Lead Scientific Advisor

Dr. John L. Gustafson (www.johngustafson.net) is a Professor in the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore and a Visiting Scientist at the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR). He is the inventor of several novel forms of computer arithmetic first introduced in his 2015 book, The End of Error: Unum Computing.  He is best known for his 1988 argument showing that parallel processing performance need not be limited by “Amdahl’s law,” now generally known as Gustafson’s law. Previously, he has been Senior Fellow and Chief Product Architect at AMD and a Director of Intel Labs. He is a recipient of the inaugural Gordon Bell Prize and is a Golden Core member of IEEE.

Vincent Veehof - Lead Investor / Board Member at Archanan

Vincent Veehof

Lead Investor / Board Member

Vincent Veehof has held the position of Partner/Managing Director of Aletra Capital Partners Asia since 2016. Prior to moving to Singapore he was based in the Dutch Office from 2011. Before joining Aletra Capital Partners, he was working as a M&A Manager with TAQA, a sovereign wealth fund in Abu Dhabi. During this time he oversaw the M&A projects and led the subsequent integration/turnaround projects of those acquired companies. He started his career as a consultant working on various post-merger integration and performance improvement projects. Vincent holds a BSc in Computer Science, an MSc in business administration and an MBA. He also completed executive programs at Wharton and INSEAD.

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